During chemotherapy in 2007, my skin became dry & inflamed. Since certain smells also worsened my nausea during cancer treatment, I decided to craft my own shea products. Once in remission, I let my creativity flow & began exploring fun scent combinations. One such combination, Mango Coconut, attracted the nose of a stranger in the elevator of a New York skyscraper. Dismayed to learn that it was unavailable, she declared, "You should sell it!"

That stranger's sentiment echoed words I heard from my family & friends during the business development phase. After successful market tests, our social enterprise was launched.

As an homage to my cancer treatment & recovery, FRAMIATI sold the eponymously named, Ramona's Ribbon & Ramona's Remedy (now Coconut & Honey Orange, respectively), that represent the scents that I used during cancer treatment.