Our Story

Our Story...

Our story is one of comeback and give back.  The inspiration for FRAMIATI began in 2007 while I recovered from cancer surgery in my hospital bed at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  When I awakened from surgery on Valentine's Day in 2007,  I was overwhelmed by the love and support that greeted me. For the prayer circle from Fordham Road in the Bronx that prayed mightily for my recovery and the family, friends and strangers that champion my survivorship, FRAMIATI is from me to you.

Launched in 2008, framiati.com began by spotlighting the work of people and organizations that give back to the community.  In 2013, FRAMIATI expanded it social enterprise focus by selling the products that our founder crafted during her cancer treatment and donating a portion of its proceeds to nonprofits.

For each bar of soap that we sell, FRAMIATI donates a bar of soap. This year, we are donating our soap to the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in New York City. In addition, FRAMIATI donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of its other products to nonprofits.

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