#WithoutThePAL, I Wouldn't Know How to Plie...

  1. Young BallerinaI have never been into structured dance...probably because I have two left feet :-)!That said, as an adolescent, my mom marched my siblings & I over to the Police Athletic League on Webster Avenue in Bronx & enrolled us in sports and the arts  Thanks to the PAL, I can not only plie, I can do a roundhouse kick if push came to shove...LOL :-D!

    Recent events have put the importance of community policing on front pages & television screens. As a kid in the boogie down Bronx,  I equated community policing with officer community service and that meant the PAL.

    This Memorial Day, we are honoring veterans by donating 10% of our proceeds to the PAL because many military veterans become police officers and also volunteer in the communities that they serve & protect. #WithoutThePAL & tell us how the PAL impacted  you. Also, share your reflections of the veterans that you know and love.

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  4. FraMiATi at Broadway Mall Upcoming Events through June 30, 2015:
    A. Broadway Mall, Hicksville, NY, 5/20-5/24/2015 (in front of Charlotte Russe)
    B. Strawberry Festival (Tentative), Bellmore, NY, 5/30/2015
    C. Crafts in Veterans Park, Westwood, NJ, 5/31/2015
    D. Stratford Craft Fair, Stratford, CT, 6/6/2015
    E. Port Washington HarborFest, Port Washington,  NY, 6/7/2015
    F. Orange Strawberry Festival (Tentative), Orange, CT 6/13/2015
    G. New City Street Fair, New City, NY, 6/14/2015
    H. Kings Park Day Craft Fair, Kings Park, NY, 6/20/2015
    I. Danbury Fair Mall, Danbury, CT, 06/24-6/28/2015
  5.  FraMiATi Outreach

Bronx HopeA. FraMiATi continued its commitment to community in 2015. We returned to the Young Women's Leadership School and visited Passages Academy-Bronx Hope for the first time. At Passages Academy, our hand spa was a big hit with both the youngsters and adults - especially our lavender citrus & limoncello body scrubs ! It was a joy seeing many of the young men and male staff members experience the exfoliating effects of a body scrub for first time ! We are especially grateful for Crystal's assistance. Crystal is a youngster who is naturally gifted in customer service and engagement. We wish all the students much success in whatever career path they choose.

B. Got a Career Day that you'd like us to attend? Contact us to request our participation.