Actor/Director Ethan Hawke Brings Pictures to life for Blind Children

(September 15, 2009) - Actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke has taken time out from his role in the Cherry Orchard directed by Sam Mendes at the Old Vic to record for a new feely book produced by the award winning charity Living Paintings. This is for young blind members of their free library and it’s called “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

This beautiful book is a big favourite with children on both sides of the Atlantic. President Obama read it to a delighted group of youngsters on the White House lawn in April 2009. Ethan’s job is to explain the pictures that are not in feely form, and guide little fingers over the raised images.

Living Paintings’ Paul Hannon said: “Ethan was delighted to do this as imagination and wonder are the world of children and actors, and sharing this picture story with youngsters who have little or no sight is a great thing to do. His presence will make this book extra special for our young members.”

All Living Paintings books are loaned for free through a postal library. This takes tales like this to children all over these islands, and sometimes further afield.

These books can also be shared with friends and family who can see because the feely pictures are coloured in and story is there in the original words and in Braille.

To join this free library all you have to do is call 01635 299771 or go to the website